Dec 12

The Santa Skivvies Run 2011: A Full De-Briefing

On Sunday afternoon, hundreds of boozed-up do-gooders took to the streets of San Francisco wearing nothing but red undies and a Santa hat for the Third Annual Santa Skivvies Run. The event is a benefit that raised more than $28,000 for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. You may even wish to add to that total.

Fortunately for my junk, temperatures early Sunday afternoon were in the mid-50s. You couldn’t hardly ask for better weather for an outdoor December undie run, proving once again that God loves the all silly gay shit that we do in The Castro. I tried warming people up even more by with some stretch-out yoga poses with Heather from FitLifeSF, and also of course by handing around a flask full of tequila. Plenty of people took the tequila, but nobody except Heather did the yoga with me. The run itself was not even two miles, so you could be in awful condition and still pretty much run that whole thing. The folks at the AIDS Foundation had the route extremely well organized, and shepherded us boozebags through the Castro, Diamond Heights, Dolores Park, and then back to The LookoutSuppositori Spelling ho-stessed the affair, with DJ stylings provided afterward by DJ Grind. I did the run in my red sequined hot pants, as seen in the left and below photos. Since it was an undie run, I thought it was appropriate to not wear any additional briefs, boxers, leggings, or hosiery underneath my hot pants. I think the hot pants-only look worked pretty well on me — but oh, was it a terrible choice for running. You can just imagine the manner of horrible chafing that was taking place on my sensitive regions when running in a pair of sequined hot pants. “At least you didn’t chafe your asscrack,” Heather said. “Because as we can all see that was pretty much bare the whole time.”

Very funny… whatever. As you can see here, I was rockin’ a boombox in one hand and my flask in the other, wearing only hot pants and with no form of pockets whatsoever. This posed all sorts of challenges, so I was not able to manage a camera to take any photos. However,  Jim James has quite a set (haha!) posted on EDGE San Francisco. Meanwhile avantard has a whole slew of Santa Skivvies 2011 shots on Flickr, and coreythrace has a fewas well. For the definitive multimedia experience of the 2011 Santa Skivvies Run, Danny Palacios of Danny Boy Productions has beautiful HD video footage of the affair, set to outlandish orchestral Christmas music and then edited into something resembling a holiday movie trailer. A big thanks to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation for organizing and managing the event, to Molly Mounds for running with me and putting up with my ridiculous Christmas mash-ups, and to all the naughty Santas that participated in Santa Skivvies 2011.