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Jul 26

Bay to Breakers Liquor Store Map 2011

Happy 100th Bay to Breakers, liquor lovers! Once again, Exercising While Intoxicated has thoroughly surveyed your Bay to Breakers race course map and noted for you the locations of all the liquor stores along the course. Also detailed are the off-course liquor store locations near the Panhandle and Golden Gate Park, areas of the race where things get …

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May 10

First Pink Gorilla Video Surfaces for Bay to Breakers 2012

The shit is bananas at this point! We are ten days from Bay to Breakers 2012, and the Pink Gorilla is already out performing monkeyshines. The pink gorillas in this video are not the real “pink gorilla guy”, who is an actual East Bay distance runner that just happens to own a pink gorilla suit. These pink …

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