May 2012 archive

May 17

Catch Me at Bawdy Storytelling Tonight in Oakland

Hey Oaklaaaaaand! Just a quick note that I will be occupying your fair city tonight (Thurs 5/17) to deliver amusements onstage at this month’s installment of Bawdy Storytelling, “Real people and rockstars sharing their bona fide sexual exploits in 10 minutes or less”. Tonight’s fun is at The Uptown, and will also feature San Francisco Queer Open Mic co-founder Baruch …

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May 14

Yes, it is Legal to Run Bay to Breakers Naked, and Yes, this Article is NSFW

Just got off the phone with the SFPD, and this is confirmed — yes, it is legal to run the Bay to Breakers race completely naked. Thanks to San Francisco’s extremely permissive public nudity laws, running 7.5 miles with your respective boobs or junk flopping around in public is 100% legal. The only restrictions on your public …

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May 10

First Pink Gorilla Video Surfaces for Bay to Breakers 2012

The shit is bananas at this point! We are ten days from Bay to Breakers 2012, and the Pink Gorilla is already out performing monkeyshines. The pink gorillas in this video are not the real “pink gorilla guy”, who is an actual East Bay distance runner that just happens to own a pink gorilla suit. These pink …

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